Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not so bad...

Okay. I was around 146-ish this morning. I was a bit alarmed, but with my period (It ended today, and it started last Thursday) and this business trip that has me eating out for at least one meal each day... things were just not in my favor!

I brought along my yoga dvd to do, but I was not able to do with with my period. My dvd says women who are menstruation should not do inverted poses for it makes them bleed heavier, and who am I to argue with that?

Most nights after work we just go out to eat some where, and I don't get to workout at night.

I almost got upset about my climbing weight, but then I recalled that I've STILL lost over 130 pounds, even with the minimal weight I have gained on this trip.

It's all good. I am sure that when I get home and back in to my usual schedule, I will easily loose this new weight.

My body is more about getting more toned now instead of losing weight. I have been hovering at the 145-ish mark for a long while now, and fit in a size 8! I think this is just where I will have to stay for a while until my body says it is ready to move on. I am in no rush! Slow and steady wins the race, yah?

I don't need to reach a certain number. I don't need to be a certain size. I just need to work at being the healthiest I can be! :)

Three more days until HOME!!!!!

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I miss Aaron so much!

I can't wait until I am with him again!!!!


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