Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How Time Flies!

Wow, the days are just FLYING by! 2006 will be over in the blink of an eye!

Soon many people will make the classic New Year's Resolution to "Lose Weight." Sadly, most will "give up" by Valentine's Day (and blame the chocolates!).

The real goal to make for 2007 is to just "Live Healthier." (And NEVER give up Chocolate!!!)

Only focusing on your weight is stressful! And being stressed makes most of us turn to high-calorie "comfort foods." These foods often make getting on the scale the next time even MORE stressful! NOT GOOD!!! You have to break FREE from that cycle!!!

Try making a few healthy changes instead, like...
  • Drink more water!
  • Switch to whole grain wheat products for bread and pastas.
  • Stop eating deep fried foods.
  • Start keeping a food journal.
  • Be more Active.
  • If you are already active, add 10 more minutes to your workout.
  • Start weight training.

I list many more ways to sneak healthiness into your life on my tips page.

Remember, as long as you continue to live healthy, eventually you will be healthy!




Heather said...

Awesome tips Jessica :) Thank you for being such an inspiration and have a GREAT holiday!

Oh, and can I add one? Veggies!!! Eat lots of them. Fruit too ;) Eat your rainbow :)

Here is to another even healthier year.

Amanda Jane said...

I was going to come up with a unique new years resolution this year, I dont have to make a resolution to lose weight because I am already doing that. You think along the same lines as me. I want to be healthier in all aspects of my life and I am thinking of making weight training my resolution, need to get those muscles built up a bit to help burn off the fat. I love all of your tips because they are all true and they do work, it is the best way to lose weight for good, just look at you, your a shining beautiful example! :)