Monday, April 12, 2010

Goal = Reward = GOAL!

My husband is a sexy-cutie angel sweetie-pie!

This weekend I got lots of pretty kitchen stuff, and 7 pieces of funky handmade, food-safe pottery,and two boardgames... under the condition I'd get Aaron a Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition.

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition - Black (PRS600BC)

I never got what was cool about a Reading Device -- until just now.

You can carry a whole library in your purse!!!!

The copyright has expired on books over 70 years old so most are free online, and that number grows daily!

The e-version of current novels are downloadable instantly and costs less than the paper book.  Since there is no shipping you are being mega-kind to the environment!
1.) Not cutting down the trees for the paper.
2.) Not burning fuel shipping it.

Aaron teased me that I would "steal" his Reader... and good GOD my man knows me so well.  He knows me better than I know me... and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful life-partner.

I will do my best to NOT steal my husband's "toy"  -- but I really want him to download all the books in The Cat Star Chronicles for me.

He read me the first chapter aloud and got me totally hooked!!!

It's a steamy sci-fi/supernatural romance series that starts with a woman searching the universe for her sister who was kidnapped into slavery.

The sister is on a planet where ALL women are slaves.  So she devises a plan to buy a male slave of her own and have him pose as her master so she can rescue her sister.

She ends up with a super sexy cat-man from a destroyed planet.   The author's description of him reminded me of the people from Avatar --  just not 9 feet tall, or blue.   He would pass for human on first glance, being similar  height and coloring.  Alien races unfamiliar with the people of Earth would not even notice he was not human.  But his black eyes, and long fangs made his distinctly not human.

It really left me hanging!  Slave (The Cat Star Chronicles #1) is ranked 5/5 on the sizzle meter and that has me dying to know more about the relationship/ownership between the two!!  Will they safely rescue the sister?!  Will he get revenge on those who destroyed his planet?!  I want to know more about the hot, "who is the master" situations -- the cackling sexual tension... then the ultimately the consummation of all the build-up where passion takes over reason! I want to know!!!

 I am so motivated to get that book -- I am totally motivated to workout to get it as a reward!

The best part is the Sony Reader is so thin it will sit neatly fit on my elliptical trainer's display consul making it super easy to read while working out!!

This makes for a perfect cycle.  I read a great book while working out -- which makes me reach my goal -- which earns me the next book, which I will read while walking towards my next goal!

Too cool!!!