Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This Week is Going So Slow!!!

Aaron suggested that I take today as another rest day, and who am I to argue with that! ;) My Calories were 1640 today, (290 of that was chocolate!) My weight was 143.50 this AM.

At work I am helping to write the movie script for this years Users Group Meeting. Last year the theme was "Mysteries," and I was in the movie as the evil "Em Fatale." (I can send you the file if you are interested seeing it.) This year the theme is "THE FUTURE." I am writing about the year 7006 to be exact... not that I can say anything exact about the year 7006... but it is fun to speculate.

In all honestly, with all the pollution, war or even an asteroid striking the Earth... I'd be surprised if the human race can make it to the year 7006, but for all intensive purposes we have to believe that the world is all nice and clean and Utopian.

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