Friday, July 28, 2006

Lowering my Standard Deviation

Aaron, my uber-nerdy totally adorable husband, was crunching my weight loss numbers.

To him weight loss is just a equation with calories needed vs. calories consumed vs. calories burned. Yesterday he was analysing my daily calorie totals. Over the past 40 days my average daily caloric intake was 1750. But my standard deviation was about 250. Basically means some days I eat 1950, and other days I eat 1600, fluctuating around that average amount. I didn't think that was a big deal but he thinks I should try limiting my calories to just between 1500-1700 to lower the daily average, and my deviation.

Today was another good day! :) Even thought we are still tweaking the definition of what a good day is!

With the heat and humidity my hair has been such a pain. (94'F today, 54% Humidity in Madison, WI) When I got up this morning my hair was HUGE, and instead of fighting it, I just rolled with it. I sprayed it with more hairspray than I have used all year, and styled it into a big "helmet hair-do." Then sprayed it again.

I took these pictures 10 hours after I did my hair when I got home tonight, and it is STILL that big and not moving! :)

Big Hair - Front Big Hair - Side
I can't decide what to call this hair style. One co-worker said I had "60's hair," another said "Glam hair," and the funniest classification was "Politician" or "Preacher's Wife" Hair.

Today was a Rest Day! I was 140.75 this morning for the second day in a row!! ( And I thought the puff was gone at 142!) Tomorrow morning is Double Tai Chi! It is going to be a sweaty event, but our instructor is like, "This is what the weather is like in Taipei." So I guess it makes it more "authentic" to do Tai Chi while sweating your butt off? ;)



Jess said...

Yes. Your eyes do not deceive you. I have a pierced tongue. It's been like that since Nov. 1998 and I love it! When I got it my mom was like "Jessica, why didn't you get a tattoo like a normal person?"

Like getting tattooed is normal?! :)

I love it! I am the only person in my immediate family without ink.

Dad had a little demon on his arm. It had dice for feet and a pitchfork, under it it said ~Tom~.
The dice were not correct for one showed the 3 and 4 next to each other when they are on opposite sides.

My mom, has a small heart with a yellow rose going through it over her heart.
She got this tattoo done after my father passed away.

And my sister has a dragon holding a crystal ball on the top of her foot. His name is "Pumsey."

I honestly don't want something drawn on my body forever... I am very happy with just my tongue pierced! :)

Amy said...

Jessica, I have so many questions now! I have read all your pages (I think) and I guess my first quetions is what do you use to know the calorie count in your foods? Is there an online chart that you use, did you buy a program, a book? Based on the program that your husband created - I guess I would start with my current calorie needs and then continue to decrease as I lose weight? Were there times where you were starving? Did you start with exercise right from the beginning - and do you find your skin is flabby now that you have lost so much weight? Sorry to bombard you but I am so interested!!

Amy said...

Me again - you know what? Scrath the quesion about the flabby skin, as I am raeding your archives I found the answer, yeah!

pastgirl said...

Hi there! Since I read your blog pretty regularly I just added you to the list on my website Hope you don't mind (if you do let me know and I'll remove you). Come on over and pay me a visit!

Jess said...

Wow! Cool! I love to be linked to :) Thank you so much! :)