Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Healthy Holiday Weekend!

I took yesterday off and made a 4-Day weekend using just one vacation day. SWEET.

Today is the 9th day in a row that I have been good to my new healthy lifestyle.

I ate 1770 calories today, and biked for 20 "fat calories." I don't think that number means anything in reality, but it is one of the numbers displayed by the LCD while I bike. (Speed in MPH, Distance, Time on/left on the bike, Heart Rate, Resistance Level, Calories Burned, Fat Calories Burned)

The night out with Starr was very fun with a little bit of creepy nostalgia. We walked around the "town" (again using the term town loosely to describe Rockdale, WI.) It was weird seeing what was the same, and what was different.

Here are some pictures of me, Starr and my sister Becky. Compare them to the picture below of us from the Summer of 2000!
Jess, Starr and Becky

I was 141.00 on the button this morning. When I get back in the office tomorrow I will run the numbers to get the weight loss stats for June!

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