Monday, July 17, 2006

Too Perky for Monday!

Today was our big "All-Staff Meeting" at work. We have to rent the big local Concert Venue (Veterans Memorial Coliseum) to find room for us all! They setup 3 huge screens, and an audio system hooked up to a laptop for everyone to do their presentations! It starts at 8:30AM and goes... until done, which was 10:30-ish today.

The meeting started with the first speaker saying "Good morning" after which I cheered back, "GOOD MORNING!!!" The lone voice from the 2,100+ people in the place. He then said, only one of you is awake? Let's try that again... I guess I am just too perky.

I've ate 1460 calories so far today, and only did walking as my exercise because it is SO HOT!!! I plan to have a few more calories tonight, in CHOCOLATE!!!! :)

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