Sunday, July 16, 2006

Practicing what I preach!

On my weight loss tips page I have a note at the bottom of #16. (Be Active for at Least 30 Minutes Every Other Day.) It reads: "The best time of day to exercise is before supper, or before breakfast. These are the times when your blood sugar is at its lowest. This will help you start burning fat faster."

Over the past few months (in which I've been in a weight loss rut...) I had been doing most of my exercise after dinner. But recently, I've switched back to doing something before breakfast. What a difference!!! :) My calories are still the same as before, but now the weight has started to melt off again! It looks like I've finally reached the end of this long weight loss plateau!

Even though the scales are moving again, I'm sticking with my new motivation method of just being healthy!! (Day 6 of 14!)

I was 140.50 this AM, and biked program 3 for 30 minutes/66 calories before breakfast. So far I have ate 1030 calories. I have 600 - 970 calories left for supper! yea! I plan to save 200 or so for something chocolate! ;)


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Stephanie said...

Congrats!! You're doing great! I love exercising before breakfast. It really helps keep the motivation going all day long.