Monday, July 31, 2006

Half My Weight!!

Even though I have switched over to "being healthy" as my goal. I still weight myself every morning to see how I am doing.

The last few days I have been very close to or even 140 itself! I've halved my weight! It's so weird to think that I have lost as much weight as I weigh! It also blows my mind to think that each pound that I lose from now on will mean I've lost more weight than I weigh! Crazy! Soon I'll update my pages with "Over 140 Pounds lost!" instead of the "135" I currently have! :)

I never dreamed that I would be this successful!! But I did it, one day at a time, and here I am 4 years later HALF my size!!


JessiferSeabs said...

Hello there, I just discovered your blog and am so inspired by your weight loss. I'm a fellow Jessica who is losing weight VERY slowly - in 2.5 years, I've lost about 60 lbs with 20-30 to go - and this was just the shot in the arm I needed to get back with the program. Thank you for sharing your story, and congrats on your continued success!

Anonymous said...


Father Laird

Anonymous said...

Well done. You deserve it: you've put in so much effort to get where you are and have inspired many others to try too.

I've been slacking a lot recently, but every time I read your blog it makes me try again.

Thank you, Jessica.


LC in Sunny So Cal said...

Excellent! You are living proof that the goals I aspire to are indeed possible to reach!

I also think you are very smart to have switched from focus on the numbers on the scale to the "days of health". Let those numbers be your north star as you sail the waters as the Captain of the Ship that you truly are!

Best always!

Amy said...

That is so amazing, really, really awesome!!