Saturday, June 3, 2006

143 on the Third!

The "period puff" is already gone and I was back to 143 on the dot this morning! :)

Saturdays rock because Aaron and I have 2 Tai Chi classes back-to-back in the morning! Today we learned the last bit of the first form! Once we feel comfortable doing it, we can "test" to earn our BLUE sashes!!! (Kinda like the "belt system" in other martial arts.) YEA!!!

Tai Chi litteraly translates as "Supreme Ultimate," so I am learning the "Supreme Ultimate Martial Art!!"

Peggy Choy, our instructor, said that the three things we should learn from Tai Chi are:

1.) Friendship!
Life is always better with someone to share it with, and Tai Chi looks even cooler when you have like a dozen people all moving in unison. ;)

2.) Patience!
It takes years to perfect any martial art, especially Tai Chi.

3.) Practice!
Work hard at getting better at Tai Chi!

These concepts also apply to the rest of your life too :)

Tai Chi counts as my Exercise for today, and I ate a total of 1920 calories. :)


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