Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling Upset...

This has me in such a funk, I have to just rant a bit....

I saw AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH this weekend. Everyone should see this movie, everyone.

I've never doubted the existence of Global Climate change. In fact every scientific study that has been published about about CO2 levels, ocean temperatures, etc... have all been peer-reviewed and verified. And NONE of the scientific studies have ever been disproved. YET "Global Warming" in the press and media, 53% of the articles released about global climate change doubt it's existence!!!

Since most people get thier information from the mass media and not hard science journals... I can see why so many people are ignorant about this issue and prefer to believe that "flucuations in the weather is a natural."

You just have to listen to the weather to know it is happening. +100' Temperatures in Washington state, drought and brush fires raging in the south, while flooding happens in the North-East. (And that doesn't even go into the melting permafrost, and artic ice...)

I have been doing well on keeping up with my exersice, but my calories spiked up yesterday.
PMS + Monday + Leftover Chocolate Pie = Over 2000 calories consumed. Time to restart my reward count. :)

My weight is up to 143.25 this AM, but I don't care! :)

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