Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Still 142.50...

Today I wore one of those really annoying shirts where you either have your belly roll popping out the bottom, or so much "cleavage" your bra sticks out the top!! How stupid! Argh!

I remember the days I used to dream about being able to shop in the "Normal" section of the store... but now that I can, I don't think manufactures make decent clothes in any size!! *SIGH* Maybe this is because all the clothes now-a-days are being made as cheaply as possible in China, or India, by poor people in horrible conditions... but I digress!

I guess I should just learn how to sew for myself!!! :)

I was still 142.50 this morning... I hope that my weight loss will start moving again soon. Please, oh please, let me reach 140 by Father's Day!!

I ate 1760 calories and didn't work out tonight because of "severe weather."

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