Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving Flop.

Did I mention that I had THREE Thanksgivings to go to this year? One at my Aunt Linda's (Dad's side), the second at my Mom's and then Thanksgiving with my husband's family.

I did really well at two of the three, but the other one went really bad...

I was cajoled by my mom and sister into having a large glass of wine. I drink very rarely and at my size the booze hit me like a ton of bricks. Next thing I know my glass is refilled, and mom's offering me this HUGE slice of cheesecake! I am sure I would have had the will to resist if I wasn't intoxicated by that point. *Sigh*

When I fall off the wagon it takes me a day or so to get myself out of the ditch. It is so hard to get back to being healthy when part of you wants to eat everything containing chocolate in your house...

So how do I get myself back on track after a weight loss blow-out like this?

Well... I start keeping my food journal again. When I mess up I stop writing down what I eat. I don't like recording my failure, but then I don't know how many calories I've ate! Then I just keep eating poorly.

I carefully plan my meals and get back to writing everything down again. here is what I had today:

1/2 c. All Bran
Amy's Meal
4 Dove Chocolates
Boca Crumbles
Pasta Sauce
Ice Cream
Hot Fudge
Redi Whip

Tomorrow I will have about the same calories. As long as I continue to live healthy, even with "bad days," I will eventually be healthy!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

I often read your blog (although this is the first time I've posted). Congratulations on all your success!

Please don't beat yourself up over a piece of cheesecake and a couple glasses of wine! It bothers me to see you use term "flop" and "weight loss blow-out" to describe THREE Thanksgiving dinners where you had ONE piece of cheesecake (no matter how "HUGE" it was).

This kind of "all or nothing" thinking is bound to put you in the dumps, and you don't deserve to be there. I hope for every minute you spent agonizing over that cheesecake, you gave equal time patting yourself on the back for every good choice you made (and I'm sure there were many, so you've probably got a lot of back patting to do!).

Thanks for the interesting and inspirational blog.