Monday, January 22, 2007

You Need Physical Therapy Because You Are Thin...

Last Monday I went to the Physical Therapist for the first time for my bad butt. She assessed my body and made me bend in all sorts of ways in the "comfort" of a hospital gown and my underwear.

Her conclusion: My body does not know how to be thin!!!

She said that my abs are good, which is something she always checks if there are lower back / butt troubles. It's just my butt and lower back are all tight and crabby from years of having to hold up a big belly!! They do not know how to carry a healthy sized person!

So now I've got a set of yoga poses to do daily to help the back. Once that is better, she'll start work on the coccyx (tail bone) which is the really painful spot. She said that it is a really delicate area to work on, and will most likely hurt A LOT before it gets better. Great....

She also said she has never seen a coccyx as protruded as mine. Fabulous! My ass sticks out further than any she's ever seen! ;) ( Although my butt has been getting rave reviews in my new skirt! ) ;)

I am still biking with the hemorrhoid ring to protect my tail bone, but my therapist said I should switch to an elliptical trainer for my cardio, so I will be off that tail bone!

Aaron and I plan to pick up a really nice one in a few months, maybe after we get our tax refund! :-D

Hope you are all doing well!



Angelo Di Notte said...

i wonder if, perhaps, your painful bum is because of so much time spent perched atop the bike? i know that when i work out using the bike, my bum hurts. i think the elliptical is a good idea---it's excellent for the body and it would definitely be easy on your poor rear.

do you remember a moment, during your weight loss, where you looked in the mirror and realized you WERE thin? what's that like? i would love to read a candid account of the emotions and thoughts that washed over you, if they did at all, when you realized you'd lost SO MUCH WEIGHT.

it's so wonderful to come here and read. you inspire me so much...every time i think "geez, only two pounds lost this week?!" i think of you and how all those few pounds added up to your beautiful figure and your triumph over your fears and inhibitions. :)

historypiglet said...

My fiance and I have tried to convince his mother of this for years. She had bariatric surgery 8 yrs. ago and then had problems getting the right exercise because her body didn't know how to be thin. She gave up because of pain and is slowly gaining the weight back. I wish she had had more therapy (mental and physical) and better education about what the surgery would do to her.