Friday, May 18, 2007

G.E.R.D. & Identity Fraud

Some evil punter somehow got my PayPal information and ordered stuff using my account information!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, PayPal stopped the purchase and limited my account for protection. I am working with them to restore my account's security, but I am really upset about the felony offense committed against me.

Then I get an angry e-mail from site the Felon got stuff from saying "You didn't pay us for the stuff you downloaded!" I wrote them back and said that fraud had been committed. I am working with PayPal to resolve this, and that I am the victim of ID theft. :(

The thing that upsets me the most about all of this is that I have been the victim of Identity fraud before!!! I have taken measures to protect myself, and that is why I feel extra violated. :(

I am so stressed out and it just gets worse.

I was recently diagnosed with G.E.R.D too, so I have to cut out lot of the food I used to enjoy... Mint, Chocolate, Citrus and Tomatoes.

I now take acid reducers daily and OTC products for heart burn / acid reflux relif.

I will do my best to live healthy with my delicate tummy. Thank god it is the weekend. I need to relax!



Vicky Scogin said...

Jessica, I just read your new blog; unfortunately, it seems that some peoples only goal in life is to make life harder on everyone else. But obviously you are strong willed and wont be knock down that easily. I'm hoping the worthless *** is found and all goes well for you. Some may not value your kindness to others, but i assure you there are those of us out here that do. What is G.E.R.D.? Thanks for your return e-mail. Sincerely, vicky scogin

Jess said...

Thanks Vicky! :)

I hope justice is carried out too.

GERD means Gastroesophafeal Relux Disease, or "Acid Reflux". It is a common digestive disorder that bascially means my stomach acid keeps coming up my throat. :6

My doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid to help, and put me on prescription strength prilosec.

If things do not seem to be improving in a few months I will have to have endoscopy, or upper GI test to find out that more can be done about my throat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!

Sorry to hear about your troubles.....I have been having trouble with my throat too....ever since March. The first time it happened I thought it was because I had over-indulged at my brother's wedding but it comes and goes all the time now and I have more bad days than good. It is a very uncomfortable tightening/tingling around my, mint, chocolate seem to really agitate it. When I get stressed out it acts up too. And I have been too afraid to go to the doctor....I am such a wimp! How did you even begin to explain it to your doctor? I've done a little research and of course that scared me too!
And so is the medication helping? Are you feeling better? I hope so! Take care! Sincerely, Michelle