Thursday, August 23, 2007

August so far...

My weight was 153.25 this morning. Last week I was on vacation AND got my period. (Not a good combo!) My calories got a bit out of control, but I stuck with my exercise and made it through!

My “period puff” and vacation indulgences are burning off, and it looks like I will have another good month! YEA!

Here is my weight loss graph for August so far:

I started August 1st at 153.00, and I think I can be that weight or less by the end of the month!
I remember when it was easy to lose a pound or two a week... Now I am lucky if I get that much busting my butt for a whole month!
Still doing my best, ;)


tash said...

You are quite an inspiration! And you look gorgeous. Glad I stumbled upon your site. Thank you for the resources and tips (except for...erm...the Deep Fried Marshmallow recipe). You should really enter that one in a state fair. :)

A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Great site! I'm on a journey to lose 100 pounds. I'm not stepping on the scales till Sept 22, 2007. I'm blogging my Weight Watchers points and offering my take on the whole battle.

Hope to hear from you!

A girl on a mission....100 pounds to go!!! said...

Great site! I'm blogging my way to success! I'm trying to lose 100 pounds and I'm blogging my Weight Watchers points and daily antics.

Hope to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

I love your site, and I'm so glad I found it. Very motivating!

Jennifer said...

I have been visiting your blog for about 2 years, and it has been such a motivation for me. I'm writing now because after losing 20 pounds last year, I gained it all back (I just counted calories; no crazy diets). Your commitment to your goals is unbelievable; I wish I had your strength. Starting all over is going to be tough.
I couldn't believe that "People" didn't choose you for their article.

Jess said...

Thank you all for your comments!! :-D

I had to start over *A LOT* to get to where I am today.

I totally "fell of the wagon"
over the holiday weekend, and need to get back on track again.

It can be frustrating, feeling like you are just losing and gaining the same 5, 10, or 20 pounds over and over again...

This is why I weight myself daily to keep on track.

I know that I could easily gain 5 pounds in a week if I do not watch what I am eating closely.

In fact that is what happened over the Labor Day Weekend. I did a lot of stress eating, and ate out a few times... (Yummy Mexican, hot & spicy, dripping with cheese... my "comfort" food.)

I will be writing a new blog entry soon about all this in detail.

You don't have to be perfect to be successful, you just need to be stubborn!

As long as you have more good days than bad days - eventually you will be healthy. :)