Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting better each day!

I spent the first few days after my surgery in bed. I had my leg up on pillows with an ice pack balanced over the knee. I took the medication as directed every four hours. I was never in a lot of pain, but I figured it was taking the medicine as directed was helping with that! ;)

Today I am feeling good. I'm up and about on crutches. I've stopped taking the prescription stuff, and now only use Advil as needed for pain.

I was really sick at first, because the stuff they used to knock me out always makes me puke. At least this time I was puking after knee surgery, and not gallbladder surgery...
(Vomiting + Fresh Abdominal Surgery? ...Shudder... Not. Fun.)

Anyway... if you haven't been totally grossed out yet, here's an actual picture of my knee getting "resurfaced!!"

You don't need to be a Orthopedic Doctor to see that my cartilage was "tad rough." ;)

The actual inside my formerly bad right knee.

-- UPDATE --
This image is actually the back on my knee cap, and it is all BONE. There wasn't cartilage left!!!
So much "The body has an amazing ability to naturally heal on it's own" crowd.
Waiting for nature to take it's course only made my knee worse.
The tears and fissures just continued to break and splinter until all my cartilage wore off and soon the bone too.
My knee was totally destroyed, and once I am rehabed I want to kick some All Natural Homeopathic Ass! GRRR!
-- End Update--

My post operative appointment is the 19th. Then I start any rehab/physical therapy. I am so excited to get healthy again! YEA!!! :-D I Love Dr. Docter!!!




Jess said...

Dear Jess:
Great to hear you are OK after the surgery.. Things will only be better. I'm sure swimming is a great option during your rehab.. Well better ask the experts!!

Huh... I was wondering, are there any news from the PEOPLE MAGAZINE?

Jessica From Mexico

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Ewww. Thanks for sharing :P But it's good to hear you are up and about already!

Amanda said...

glad to hear you surgery went well Jess. Hope you back to your old self in no time. Take care and rest up! :)

Jan B said...

I am glad that you are up and about, happy and safe and fast healing wishes are sent your way!!

Jess said...

Thank you All!! :-D

As for the "People Thing"... I haven't heard a thing from them in months. Harumph! ;)

Oh well. I will get back in shape and look even better when they finally get around to featuring me! :)



LC said...

Hey, Jess! Happy healing vibes to you! We all know you will be back and kickin' some ass very soon.

while you recuperate, here's a good healthy weight loss blog to check out. (She was featured in Real Simple magazine...)

I think you two have a lot in common!

Keep on rockin', girl.

amma15 said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

How did the appointment go?


Anonymous said...

hey jess, i'm glad to see that your surgery went well and that you're doing well in recovery!

this comment isn't really about your latest blog post, though, i really just wanted to say that i read through your tips again today, because i hadn't in a while, and they are always so helpful to me. thank you so much for putting SO MUCH information together for all of us out here who are trying to get as healthy as you did. thank you!