Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving Again!

Last night I was able to do 2.06 miles in 27:00 minutes on the Precor! (218.4 calories, 3440 strides)

I put in our copy of DDR Extreme 2 and put it in weight loss mode!

DDR is so much fun and it is a great way to trick yourself into being active. Like I said, they even have a weight loss mode that allows you to miss like every step, and the game doesn’t end! Instead of racking up a score, it shows the calories you’re burning with each step! So I cued up “Endless mode” and got on the elliptical trainer. I got a great workout as the beats per minute changed between the songs. Some songs were quite a sprint and others were more of a brisk walk. I liked the Variety!

I LOVED playing straight DDR, but with my (formerly) crappy knees I could never do more than a “Light Mode” because of the “jumps” when you have to press two arrows at once - It was too much stress on my knees. I am also so competitive so I would play until my legs were too wobbly to stand, trying to break the high scores! There are lots of weight loss stories of people who lost like 80 pounds just by playing DDR! It’s a good game and a good workout. It’s worth “borrowing” your kids (or significant other’s) PS2 to play! Heck, they might have a Xbox 360, or PS3 now, so just take the old PS2 for yourself! ;)

Random Tangent…

So I got a brand new pair of glasses on Tuesday, and no one has noticed. :-(
It’s not like the pairs were alike either.

My old glasses were half frames.

My new ones are big round and "gunmetal."

How can people be oblivious to a 300% increase of metal in front of my face?

Maybe they don't like them, and are just being nice by not saying anything at all...

Aaron however loves them! He says I look like a Meganekko.

Meganekko is Japanese slang for “Glasses Girl.” The "Cute Girl with Glasses" is a staple of Anime and there are many fan-site devoted to these Myopic Misses.


marjie said...

Your workout sounds fun!
I would love to see a picture of you with the new glasses.

Anonymous said...


I could be wrong, but one of those anime girls looks like she's from Sailor Moon --now which season is that... 1st? 2nd? Whichever one where a chick decides to make a wedding dress and gets possessed by the evil monster-of-the-week. (I think it's probably 1st season. But, whatever.)

Anyhow, hope things go well for you. See you around for the Holidays!!

--Rachel the Former Moonite

Jess said...

You are right! "From episode 16 of Sailor Moon. A junior-high-school home economics teacher, Akiyama-sensei's fondest dream was to wear on her wedding day a wedding dress that she made herself. The Dark Kingdom nearly perverted this dream, but the Sailor Warriors were able to set things right..."

Anonymous said...

Ai to seigi no!
Sailor suit bishoujou senshi, Sailor Moon!
Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiokio!!
(For love and justice!
The pretty soldier in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon!
In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!)

"Quick, Sailor Moon! Stop posing and kill, er, I mean, turn the badguy to dust already!"

"Huh? Oh. That right!" (Proceeds to whirl around and throw her magic tiara. Moon Tiara Action!!)

Sorry; I just can't seem to help myself...