Sunday, March 2, 2008

Then my knee just starts bleeding....

Things have been rough the last few weeks.    

I have been sick, and my operated on knee has been aching.  The scariest part was when my knee just started bleeding from one of the incisions.  

That doesn't seem like a good sign...  

So I am again on the injured reserve until this spontaneously bleeding from the surgery site thing is figured out.   The surgery was MONTHS ago...   it's just odd.    It started bleeding just after a shower, so there wasn't fabric or anything rubbing on the site.  I also didn't shave or do anything to aggravate the site either.   Maybe the water softened the scab/scar and it just started to bleed through?  That is my best case scenario theory, and I hope that's all it was.  I left a message with my doctor and should know more on Monday.  :)

I planned to do some light walking on the Precor( my elliptical trainer).  Aaron then said that walking does not count towards my goal because it isn't a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio.  
I was upset because there is no way I can reach the "3 days of cardio each week for 4 weeks" GOAL (PRIZES!)" with my knee as it is!   So I asked Aaron if we can change the goal to something I can actually do, like:  "Walk at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day."   As I get better I can increase the intensity, but for now,  I need to take it slow.

Aaron agreed that I should take care of myself and work to strengthening my knee.  He then suggested that once I am able to do a Cardio Workout again - WITHOUT my knee hurting during or after - then I will get my reward.  Now that sounds more do-able. ;)

Goals should be something you can work towards and achieve.... but if conditions change, the goal needs to change to match your current ability!   If you can sleep walk through your workouts... they are too easy.  Conversely, if you are laid up for DAYS afterward... you are pushing yourself too hard.   It's all about finding the right balance!

I am going to take a low-impact walk. ;)



K. said...

Hey jess, long time no talking to, though I always check on you. Sorry to hear about the knee. I bet it's nothing but you are right to be cautious. Don't you just love that Aaron, he is so supportive...Does he have brothers, lol. Take care and oh stop by my new blog when you get a chance please it's

LC said...

OUCH! (and "ew"!)

hope all is well. Take good care of all your parts, they're the only ones you get!