Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The First Video Blog is Up!!!

As you can see in my previous post, my first video blog is up! :)

I wanted to clean-up some of my edits... but posting the new file would create a totally different file on YouTube, and kill any links/embeds you have posted to the original... so I am going to squash my perfectionist nature, and leave it as is.

I will instead, redirect my obsessive compulsiveness towards starting a second script!

I'll even try to learn my lines this time! ;)

As an added bonus, the soundtrack may be provided by Moby! I am waiting for him to grant me permission to use his gratis music for it!!

The song that opened my first video blog was "Love Today" by Mika off of his album "Life in Cartoon Motion". There are many good tracks on the album, including "Big Girl You Are Beautiful", a song that falls into the catogory of Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" or Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls". I may no longer be "big" myself anymore, but I still love those songs!

(It's strange that Moby and Mika are both male music artists who go by one name that starts with "M" and has 4 letters.... Well, at least that sort of coincidence seems interesting at midnight...)

The Mika clip comprised less than 10% of my work so I should be cool with "Fair Use" laws. Fair Use is weighed by how the song was used, how much of the song was used, and if the value and potential sales of the original work were affected.

After being legally violated in the past, (companies stealing my image to sell weight loss products I never used...) I try hard not to step on other peoples toes!

I really need to get to bed!



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