Thursday, July 31, 2008

Found My Lost Journal!

Last week I lost my food journal, luckily I found it yesterday in my back seat! Yea!

I was in a movie over the weekend for the 48 hour film contest!

Basically, Film-making teams draw a film genre out of a hat and have 48 hours to write a script, cast, film, edit and create an original musical score.

This year we had "Holiday Movie." (Last year we make a "road-trip" movie.)

We did the draw at 7 PM on Friday, we brainstormed as a group until about 10. Then the writers broke-off to work on a script. They worked until the wee hours of the morning, then scraped the brainstorming material, and wrote an story about Vampires and Arbor Day.

At 9:30 AM we met up to start filiming, but we really didn't get going until about noon... We filimed until about 9:30 PM. Then it was put in the hands of the editors!

I should mention that all these roles, were actually about the same 4 people. ;)

WHAT FUN! like 8 hours of sleep combined Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WHEEEEE!

Once the movie is on the internet I will post a link!

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