Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I need to walk tonight...

I know that I will need to walk tonight to stay on track to reach my goal... I am sooooo not motivated to do it. :P I will try though.

I am not feeling the motivation because my reward still has not arrived from Amazon!!! :(

I reached my goal back on the 19th... and I still do not have my reward! :(


I will do my best to get my unmotivated butt in gear, but it is going to be hard!

Fingers Crossed.


7:34 PM

I just finished my workout.
1 hour 4 minutes
4942 strides
460.2 calories
4.57 miles

How I got Motivated:

I filled up my shopping cart at with my NEXT batch of rewards!
I have 4 more hours to workout by September 2nd, and then I can place that order.

HOPEFULLY, my first reward will arrive before then!!

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