Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dance Your Ass Off?

I was contacted by a new reality show that was pitched as "The Biggest Loser" meets "Dancing with the Stars." I beleive it was called "Dance Your Ass Off" and it would be on the Oxygen network.

I am kind of tempted to apply, but I worry about my knees. I also worry about the time commitment, and where will the filming take place? What about my job? I have a lot of questions, but I have to admit I'd still like to try!

I was 195.25 this morning. My period puff, and travel weight is shedding as fast as my cats... well maybe not that fast! ;)


Brigitte said...

Sounds very cool. I hope you get the ok from your knee doctor so we can see you on TV.

LC said...

Go for it until it no longer makes sense for you!

AGirlWorthLosing said...

What a fun way to get the last few pounds off again, I say do it!

Anonymous said...

you should totally go for it! that would be awesome!

Dee said...

Hi Jessica,

I just joined "Zumba" which is a Latin dance, and it was great, I enjoy the dancing and the music.

Go for it!

And just check on your knee.


Anonymous said...

i think it sounds fun! i searched for it when i read this and i like the pink and black website. haha.

its if anyone else wants to see it :)