Monday, March 16, 2009

Embrace that healthy feeling!

Last Friday, after a LONG stressful week at work, I felt totally drained. Aaron (my husband) suggested that I walk on the elliptical trainer to restore my vigor.

I was crabby and whined that it was the last thing I wanted to do!!! I wanted to just lay on the couch and veg!

But he was persistent and sweet-talked me to "just try it" for 10 minutes... and within a few minutes I felt my brain come back to life!

I really felt all those nasty stress hormones burning away!! Soon I was bursting with energy and went on to do a full cardio workout.

It is so strange that working out is the last thing you want to do when you lack energy, but it is the best way to gain energy in a healthy, non-stimulative way!

Once you get going it only takes a few minutes for the "DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS?!?!" inner-whiner to shut-up. Soon you will notice how happy your body is to move!

Of course if you feel pain, you should stop immediately!! Make sure you are using proper form, and equipment (this includes shoes).

Update on where I am at:

I'm down 6 pounds from a month ago. I really am back on track! It is such a great feeling!!! I don't really look any different on the outside yet, but I feel GREAT inside! :) I hope you are embracing that healthy feeling too and taking good care of yourself! :)