Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Costume Contest!

The company where I got my leotards ( to make my Cheetara costume is having a contest to see who made the BEST costume using their products.

Jessica Halloween Costume ThunderCats Cheetara

Please vote for my costume!

Follow the link above, and click the little "Like" link.

Note: You need to be logged in with your google id.

There will also be voting on Facebook.

Once that page is up, I will post that link as well.



I am going as the Diva from the 5th element this year!

Here is a sneak peak!

The Fifth 5th Element Diva Plavalaguna costume cosplay

The Fifth 5th Element Diva Plavalaguna costume cosplay

I hope to win the company-wide (3300+ Employees) costume contest with this one!!

I will post more pictures later.



Hollie said...

I love the Cheetara costume! Thundercats Ho!!!

Lyn said...

That's a really great costume!

laurisa25 said...

Awesome costume! Btw just started to read your blog and you are an inspiration! Good job on losing all that weight hopefully I can do the same as you!

Suz said...

Wow... Cute outfit! I could wear that ... with the makeup my friends wouldn't know who I was. Way to show off your hourglass shape too!

vegan said...

happy halloweeen!! love the costumes, esp. the oracle one!! nicely done!
i keep checkin' in to see if you've got any updates... patience is a virtue :)\
thanks so much for your helpful informative site... you're an inspiration for sure!
i've started my own blog... veganutrishine on livejournal if you're ever interested!!

foolsfitness said...

That costume rocks! I had a goal this year to dress up as batman and not be "laughed" at on a halloween cruise. I couldn't go, I'd worked pretty hard...I had lost about 30 pounds but have a whole lot further to go to make it. I was pretty crushed, but next year is a more sensable goal.

I just found your blog and think it's the cats meow (get it? OK that was cheesy)

I started the blogging thing about 7 months back and it's really help me writing it, reading others ones, and being inspired by the comments people leave too.

Please come visit sometime... I hope it's ok to say

I don't mean to sound like some ad guy... I'm on the journey and can use someone to watch my back in those dark alleys of the convience store candy aisles sometimes! Who better than a thundercat to protect me!?

I'm proud to say my single halloween candy was chosing just one fudge pumkin at 100 calories. I actually picked up a big bag of discount candy after the holiday and made the choice to put it back on the shelf! That was major. A year ago I wouldn't envision that.

At Foolsfitness the End of October is the only time of the year that we can blend in!- Alan

Primoz B. said...

Great costume, first saw it on 5 Element:)

jang83 said...

I love the Chetara costume...Thundercats!Hoooo....

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