Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't Wait until New Year's!

Wow... it’s 9 days until Christmas and 15 days until 2009 draws to a close!

Lots of people will make the resolution to get healthy in 2010.

But why wait 15 more days to start getting healthy?!

Why allow yourself to binge the next two weeks and then spend January working off the pounds you never needed to add!?

Holiday parties often have trays and trays of easy to pick up calorie dense treats.

My tip:  If you can eat it without plate, AVOID IT!!!

Every 500 extra calories is 0.25 pounds added to your belly!!!

Here are 12 Holiday foods in a 500 calorie portion, like the 12 days of Christmas!

12 oz. Eggnog
11 Shrimp Cocktail
10 Filled Chocolates
9 Stuffed Mushrooms
8 Little meatballs
7 Cordial Cherries
6 Lindt truffles
5 ounces cheese!
4 cubes of fudge
3 ounces nuts
2 gingerbread men
and a slice of pecan pie!

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Motherturtle85 said...

You are so adorable. :) ♥