Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Smiley

I got the Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test but never got a smiley face. 

Rather than think the product is a piece of junk, I worry that my body just wasn't ovulating.  

I have my period every 28 days, so I am the text book example of menstration -- Linked to the Moon's cycles.  Full Moon = Period   New Moon = Ovulation

But I also have PMDD -- Pre-menstral disphoric disorder -- so my hormones take me for a hell of a ride.. but it is a consistant ride!

I am on 23 of this cycle and I am feeling all PMS-y and not preggers.
(Even though we never got a smiley face, it doesn't hurt to practice -- right?)

I take vitamins and drink orange juice for the folic acid.

An ultrasound of my lady parts said nothing looks out of place.. so come-on ovaries, start releasing eggs!


Lanie Painie said...

I felt PMS-y during my entire pregnancy. I was seriously disappointed in that. Waiting is hard. But practicing is fun.

LessJess said...

I just don't want to get my hopes up just to be disappointed again. I think I will get another ovulation kit... and try to do what makes my eggs want to drop.

Effie said...

There's no harm in practicing! I don't know how often you are practicing but I suggest practicing everyday. Ovulation is strange and can be all over the place. I think it's supposed to be at days 7-10, but I know mine wasn't and I know my SIL would sometimes ovulate at days 3-6. A few times before conceiving I felt PMS-y and then there was a little bit of bleeding, but it ended up I was pregnant and the bleeding was the egg attaching.

I ended up having baby #2 at 35 she is beautiful and healthy and then I had babies #3 & #4 at 36 so I was already in the high risk range because of my age plus I have diabetes and twins is already considered high risk without all that other stuff and they are both healthy and very noisy.

Just never give up hope xx

Anonymous said...

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LessJess said...

My period was late. I took a test. I am PREGNANT.
(or 99% sure.) I have a pregnancy confirmation apoint scheduled for the 19th of April.

I am due 11/11

Julie said...

Apart from these tests. Try to get a valid ultrasound for yourself. If you are pregnent.. please dont go for ultrasound for more then 4 times in complete 9 months.

Anonymous said...

what what? I was going to make a comment about acupuncture and fertility (in school for it right now) but I saw your comment above--best of luck to you! I'll be sure and check back in :)

Anonymous said...

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Laura Marcela said...

Hi! Congrats on your weight loss.


Eesti said...

The kit is easy to use. There is no guessing. A smiley face indicates when you are ovulating. I used it because we had been trying for 3 months. After one month of using it I tested positive!!! Good Luck!!!

pharmacy escrow said...

I have used all of the brands of OPK's and this one is without a doubt, the BEST! The other sticks are so hard to read, you are left wondering, "yes, the line is darker?". When you have an LH surge you get a happy face, and all is good!!