Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arthritis Walk - 11 weeks pregnant

I joined the Arthritis Walk and made a personal commitment to help more than 50 million people who live with arthritis and the families that support them.

I'm not moving alone. By joining the Arthritis Walk I became a part of Let's Move Together - a nationwide movement of like-minded people who want to get a healthier lifestyle and change lives at the same time.

Please support me by making a donation to help fund arthritis research, education, and community programs. And don't stop there! Think about getting more involved by joining my team or starting one of your own.

I appreciate your support and on behalf of the people who live with arthritis pain, THANK YOU!

This weekend is Mother's Day.   Do I count as a mom now, or do I have to wait until next year?

I got a bunch of books on parenting and a journal for tracking my pregnancy... but I have no Idea who sent them!  I thought Aaron might have order them, but nope.  He thought it was his family, but they didn't say a thing about the books either?!

So... thanks for the books, whoever sent them!

I think as a Mother's Day "date" Aaron and I are going to go see THOR, then maybe out for a well done steak.

I miss sushi...


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Pinnacle Recall said...

You’re a hero! Despite being pregnant, you helped a cause. I hope lots of people will have your attitude.

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