Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Trimester!

My due date is less than 12 weeks away now.  Soon we will get to meet this brand new person Aaron and I created together!

In two weeks we'll fly back to Wisconsin for the shower.  I am pretty sure that the flight will be fine.  I am SO GLAD Aaron will be with to help support me.  

I meet with my doctors again next week on Wednesday and Friday, so I can get the green light to take to the skies!

My blood sugar has been right on target, so things are going fine with that.

Aaron and I are studying up for our baby's Birth Day online, although I should take the tour of the Hospital... but I also work for the Hospital where I will have our baby... so I might just ask someone to take me.


Anonymous said...

So nice to see you post. Glad you are doing well and looking forward to your new little one.


HCG said...

Wow good thing your blood sugar is okay. What do you do to maintain it, anyhow?

fat loss diet said...

hey, I am having a baby and she's 7 month old now. I was excited and thrilled as same like you. When i read your post I remember my situation and days I gone through when I was carrying her. We will be over-excited for even small things of our baby. you world is going to change very soon.. you will get damn busy with your baby and her/his activities. I wish you all the best dear :)

Derek Huizinga said...

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