Friday, December 28, 2012

Back to Wisconsin again...

My Aunt Dianne passed away last night.  I feel really depressed and drained by this.  I lived with my Aunt and Uncle my last year of college.  My first kiss with Aaron happened in her home.  It was also where he proposed to me.  I was there the mother's day she learned her son Kurt has commited suicide.  She raised the peacocks -- which is why I have a justifiable dislike of the damn birds.

Aaron and I were just in Wisconsin for Christmas, and we both want to be there for the funeral.  We plan to drive up from Georgia to Wisconsin -- which means lots of restaurants along the way.

Eating out is one of those things that is a challenge when trying to lose weight -- especially when it seems your only choice for the next 40 miles will be a Waffle House.

Get ice water or bottled water if you think it could be sketchy.  Don't blow your calories on drinks!
Don't eat anything that is deep fried.
My favorite choice?  24 hour breakfast! 
An order eggs are full of protein and only 70 calories per egg.
Get some veggies in those eggs and you are really doing great.
Whole Wheat toast for fiber and you got a winner!
Avoid fatty meats, pancakes, waffles, syrup and potatoes/hash browns.
Alexandria prepares for her next Road Trip.
Keep your food journal even when on trips -- expect with the holidays or with a family gatherings you will eat a bit more than normal -- but that's kinda what families do.  Once back home normalcy can resume.

As long as you keep trying to be healthy you will get healthy.

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