Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Job... Again

I have changed jobs again.   My year as a Manager at Baylor College of Medicine was just not the right fit.   

I am now a Consultant and it feels like I am myself again.   When I was a manager I kept thinking "fake it until you make it"  but it never felt like I was making it.   It was always fake.

When you are not being true to yourself -- it takes a toll.   

When I change to this job - it was like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. 

The manager at the place where I am working gave his team a talk about embracing your strengths. Too often people look at what they suck at, and not on what they are GOOD at.

If you are naturally a "6" at something, and could be a "8" or a "9" with focus -- that is way better than trying like hell to make your level 2 skill get to a 3...   You try like hell but you are still are below average!!!

And that is OK.

You are NOT going to be able to do everything perfectly.  HELL, there are somethings  won't even be able to pull off half-assed.

By putting your limited energy into something that will suck you dry -- is just a horrible waste all around.

Focus your attention away from what you lack -- and look at things you can control -- things you are good at!!!  You need to do what you are good at and get really good at what you do...  BE YOU and embrace that strength.

Where is your passion?   What are your gifts?   Focus on those and be happier, happier will lead to healthier.    YOU GOT THIS!

Here's how much my kids have grown!
How can he already be one?!?!?!

Little Miss Attitude

The Ring Leader

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