Monday, March 27, 2006



Back on March 12th, my weight spiked up just before my period... but now my period is long gone, and my weight still hasn't fully recovered. In fact this morning I was back up to 144.25, and I am extra upset about that! The reason it has me so mad is because I feel lied to.

You see, it was my mom's birthday so we went out for supper! Most foods served in restaurants are devastating to weight loss, so I did my research beforehand. I went to their website and checked out their "supposed" nutritional facts. Then I picked the menu items that SHOULD HAVE BEEN a safe meal for me.

I selected:

Grilled Simple Chicken Breast 240 Calories, 750mg Sodium
with a side of Steamed Seasonal Vegetables - 60 calories, and 80mg of sodium.

That's only 300 calories, and it was meal with the lowest sodium that wasn't a salad, IF THEY TELL THE TRUTH ON THEIR SITE!

Trusting their information, Aaron and I also split a slice of Cheesecake for 450 a piece. (Only 15mg sodium!)

So my TOTAL night out should have only been 750 calories, and 845mg of sodium!!!! And my total calories for the whole day should only have been 1675 calories!!

But here I am... 144.25 pounds and furious.

The only plausible reason for this weight is the nutritional information on their site, and what I actually ate served do not jive.

So to recover, I've really been watching my sodium and plan to do some super sweaty biking tonight to help get the bloaties out of my system.

Lately I feel like my weight loss is a game of Monopoly where I've been stuck in jail. Then, just as I finally get going again, I seem to land right back on the "Go to Jail" square!!

Let's hope as the weather gets warmer my body heats up to the idea to just let those stubborn last few pounds go!

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