Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cheap Date & Old Friends

I can't wait to see what my weight will be tomorrow! This weekend has been a trail, but I think I will come through it okay.

Saturday started with our Tai Chi classes, which turned my legs to jelly in a "good way." Then we were then visited by our friend Ed and his girlfriend Amanda. He also brought with him pizza! And not just any pizza, Topper's pizza!!! I had three slices of a Californian Topper, which is one of my favorite pizzas! We talked and had fun for a few hours before we said our good-byes.

After they left, Aaron and I got ready for a night out!! I like to sing Karaoke, and Aaron has been wanting to find a place to take me to in Madison.

You see, in the past I would go out with my sister to a "townie-bar" for Karaoke. Townie-bar Karaoke is nice because there are so few people there, so you get to sing more often!! But the song selection is usually small, and the air is horribly smoky!! It sucked coming home smelly and hoarse.

Lucky for us, Madison is one of the growing number of cities that has a smoking ban in all public places! Aaron has been wanting me to find a place in Madison to sing to avoid the smoke-attack. Last night we went out to a club called "Madison Avenue" - to their "Retro Room" for Karaoke.

It was one of the best nights out I have ever had! I had a $3.00 cover, but Aaron got in free with his student ID! :)

I don't know if it was the cold rainy weather, or because all the UW-Madison students are home for the Summer, but we basically had the place to ourselves!!!!!!!!

There were only 5 singers!!! Aaron (who more "speaks" than sings the songs) the guy running the Karaoke, 2 older women, and myself.

From about 10 PM to Midnight I sang:

Me and my Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
#1 Crush - Garbage
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Cartoon Heros - Aqua
Dreams - The Cranberries
Seven Year Ache - Roseanne Cash
I Turn to You - Mel C.
Will I - Ian Van Dahl

We called it a night at midnight because our friends Doug and Sam were up from Illinois, and we had plans to do breakfast with them Sunday Morning!

At 10 AM on Sunday we meet up with Doug and Sam at the Pancake Cafe in Sun Prairie, WI. It was so much fun to catch up with them, and the food was VERY good!!

I have no clue how many calories were in my chocolate crepes with strawberries and whipped cream... I just know they tasted incredible!! *DROOLS*

With that awesome breakfast and Saturday's pizza, I hope that my weight won't be too effected! We'll find out tomorrow!

Good Night!


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