Saturday, June 24, 2006

Crabby Jess!! :P

My next period is due to start in less than a week. I realized this after I got instantly irritated by a question my husband was trying ask. I couldn't figure out what he wanted to know, so I kept asking him for clarification... my tone rising each time.

He then asked why I was getting so upset... that's when it dawned on me; my last period started 24 days ago... DAMN! No wonder I feel like I have been lobotomized!!

So my hormones are bottoming-out, I am puffing-up, and I am making a chocolate pie for my husband's birthday!!! This does not sound like a safe combination! But I will do my best!

I am still on target to get my next reward. I do not want to blow it this weekend and have to start the count all over! :)


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