Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Bad Day that was Good.

Today was a bad day. Right from the start, it sucked. At MIDNIGHT, just as this horrible day was starting, I awoke with bad cramps and the start of my period. I was up until 1:30 waiting for the Advil to kick in.

I was barely back to sleep when the alarm went off at 5:30. I slept in for a bit, but then Aaron said I needed to get up if I wanted to make my bus. So I started to get ready and then discovered that the gallon of water that I refill and take in to work each day... well I left it at work, so I didn't have any water to drink at work except for the tap water there. You can actually see the junk floating in your water. It also makes my throat feel nasty. So I did not get to drink as much water as I normally do.

It was UBERSTRESS deadline day at work, and the system went down for HOURS. Then they'd get it back up limping again, just to have it go BOOM. It's so Frustrating!!!! Then the only thing I had left to do... the Developer (Coder) decides to "redo" some of it... so all my previous work is nullified. But then I am thinking, well I am good then! I have nothing left to do! I AM DONE!

WRONG. One of my co-workers quickly gives me two of her logs, PLUS I get 2 more "They needed it yesterday" Customer retrofits! I logged 10 hours of work today, then I called home and begged Aaron to PLEASE COME AND GET ME. (My handsome knight to the rescue!) Now I am Home... I am HOME!!

Today is a Rest Day. I was puffed up to 141 this morning, (That's 2 pounds of period puff) and ate 1680 calories. That means today was actually a "GOOD" day! HA! It's actually quite remarkable that I was able to make today a good day even under all that stress & my period!!!

Days like this in the past, I'd eat a constant stream of M&M's or Hershey's kisses. But today I was careful. I snacked a lot, but on things like Light Yogurt with 1/2 c. Fiber One, a Chocolate - South Beach Diet Cereal Bar, or a 1/4 c. of Almonds.

I need to get to sleep now. Tomorrow has GOT to be better! :)


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