Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm in a Magazine?! (and still sick)

Yesterday I received an email that said: "I recently saw an article in the October issue of Women's Health & Fitness about different blog sites and yours was featured as one of them." I was like Whoa! Really, I am in a magazine?! I must find a copy of this magazine to check it out! I have not seen a copy of it yet. Hopefully, it will hit the shelves in my area soon. :)

Going to Women's Health & Fitness's website revealed that the October 2006 issues also appears to be the last one the are releasing!!! I hope this doesn't make it more difficult to locate!

If you find the magazine with the article, let me know! (Cover color, page number etc...) :)

I am still sick and so utterly exhausted. I called in sick today. My team lead sounded cranky. After I said I feel horrible and will not be in today he said, "See you tomorrow." in a tone that was like, "You will be in tomorrow, even if you are dead!" So now I am sick, exhausted, and feel guilty that I am sick and unable to be at my desk. I wouldn't get anything accomplished if I was at work though... I am just so out of it. :-P

I have been sick since Saturday. Monday night, I was at the Pre-UGM Launch Party until 9:30, finally asleep by 10:30. I was up again by 5:30, and got all dolled up. I was downtown by 7:15 AM to greet arrivals to our General Session. (Still Sick) After the Session I helped direct users walking from Overture Hall to the Monona Terrace. After lunch I attended some learning session. I then hurried home, and got into costume for the "Future Feast"

I was a greeter at the Future Feast from 6:00 - 9:30. I was covered in glitter, so I had to take a shower when I got home. I finally got most of it off and crawled into bed at 11. (Still sick and now exhausted.)

Wednesday I get up early again because I have to be a room monitor from 7:15 - 12:15 in "Ballroom A" in the Monona Terrace. I had to stand that whole time, and I never had a chance to get away for a drink of water, or more importantly, Orange Juice. So I basically stood and dehydrated for 5 hours. I handed out packets of power-point slides, and collected evaluations.
(while still sick)

Wednesday evening things continued. At 5:30 I went to Ballroom C to help Host about 60 attendees for a night out on the town. Two other guys from Epic were also along as hosts, but I took on a leadership role, marking off who had arrived, handling the check, etc...

We were doing the "Space Place" activity. Here is what the brochure said it was:

"The vastness of sidereal space are opened to us, as we stargaze through the telescopes of University of Wisconsin, one of the builders of the Hubble space telescope. Learn about astronomical advancements and the future of space research and development. Includes private rooftop stargazing with dinner at the restaurant Magnus, featuring South American cuisine and fresh Hawaiian seafood flown in daily."

First the food.

There was no "South American Cuisine" or "Hawaiian seafood." We had our choice of Steak, Farm-raised Salmon, Duck, or Carrot Gnocchi. (with soup or salad). The food was very tasty but, some people were disappointed, thinking they were getting "Fresh Hawaiian Seafood."

Leaving the restaurant was a bit difficult because anyone that ordered alcohol had to pay for it themselves. so we had like 30 people trying to have the credit card run, make change, etc...

So, now we are about 30 minutes late getting to the "UW SPACE PLACE." And to some, it was another let down. They though they were going to a planetarium, or a "really big telescope."

The "Space Place" is actually an outreach of the UW located in a strip mall on South Park Street. (2300 S. Park, Madison, WI) Dr. Jim Lattis from the University of Wisconsin then gave us a talk about Astronomy and the future of Astronomy.

Now we have a room full of sleepy and slightly buzzed adults that are not really in the mood for another lecture. (They had just spent the last 8+ hours in Health Care lectures at UGM) So they were a bit restless. After Dr. Lattis's presentation a group got to head up to look through the telescope, the others went into the next room to look at the cool space place stuff.

Then there were others that felt mislead and wanted to just go back to their hotel, so we had the shuttle take those who wanted to go back while the rest looked around. Me and the guys ran damage control on those who were upset, and tried not to lose track of those who were really into it and would get lost in the place!!! It was really like herding cats, trying to keep a group like that together. At 10 we finally got the rest of the group done, and back on the coach. We also called some cabs for the other attendees.

We were busy until 10:30 making sure everyone had a ride back to their hotel. When I finally got home I just collapsed.

Today I got up around 8 I felt like I had been run over. My sinuses hurt so bad it just made my eyes ooze. I called in and felt bad that I was sick... but my body needs to heal and recover. In fact, I think am going to go lay back down and drink lots of fluids.


UGM Events + Cold = 147.50

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!! :( Hope you start to feel better soon.

And hey, on a lighter note, it's cool that you get to be in another magazine (even if it's just a tiny little sentence long blurb or whatever.)

-Lil Sister Rachel