Monday, September 18, 2006

In Sickness and in Health

This week is the super busy Users Group Meeting (UGM) at work. I have to go "mingle" at a pre-UGM party tonight from 6 - 9PM, then I'm greeting users starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning downtown for the General Session. I will then spend the remainder of the day in more specific sessions. Tomorrow night I will be in costume for the "Future Feast" from 6 - 9 again. Wednesday I will be a room monitor starting at 7:30 to Noon. I do not have any session Wednesday afternoon, however Wednesday evening I am hostessing the "Space Place" event from 6 - 9 again. BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! SO what a perfect time to get a cold!

I started coming down with this cold Saturday, but I kept thinking, oh that's just from the Karaoke and the smoky places. (I went out Friday night.) Sunday I knew I was actually sick so I spent most of yesterday in bed.

Aaron was such a sweety nursing me back to health. He gave me a big glass of orange juice. I here I am, al tucked in and sick in bed, red-chapped nose from all the blowing, and I say: "Orange Juice has over 100 calories per cup!" He says. "I don't care. We can worry about getting you healthy once you are actually healthy."

He's so smart!! And he makes a great point! I'll worry about getting healthy once I am actually healthy again! Orange juice it is! ;)



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Anonymous said...

Get well soon Jessica...lots and lots of garlic for you!

Heather (keegandlily at and on