Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ribs and Rolls

I think the question I get asked about the most is: Do you have "loose skin?"

Most people think that after shedding half your weight your going to have some leftover skin.

But I've lost my weight   V E R Y     S L O W L Y   over a long time, so my skin has been able to stick pretty close to my new shape!

You see, skin is an organ, a living part of your body, and not a stretched out balloon stuck on our outsides. Over time skin can shrink to your new shape, depending on your age and its elasticity. ( I am 28.5 by the way.)

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand, that is all the thicker your skin is. In order for the skin to shrink there has to be no fat left behind it.

Think of it like an igloo melting from the inside. The ice on the outside will hold it's shape until all the ice from the inside is gone, then it finally collapses.

Our bodies are a lot like that. Once the fat cells are all gone behind the skin, your skin shrinks to the new shape. This takes a long time, and is not easy to do, so most people prefer to take the quick route with plastic surgery to tidy things up.

Here's what my stomach currently looks like. (I hope it's not too traumatizing for ya!) ;) The top is all ribs now, while the bottom still has the remnants of my old rolls. I am still working hard to get these last strongholds of fat off my body by changing my body's composition through strength training. I think it's working! :)

Still working hard to get healthier!


p.s. the period weight is going away and I was back to 144.75 today.


LC in Sunny So Cal said...

You're brave and beautiful!

You should have a talk show. To make people understand that it CAN be done, the right way.

Rock on, Sister.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Wow, it's hard to believe how far you've come! Looking good girl!

Jess said...

Oh, btw, I never *EVER* wear this shirt outside the house! ;)

Well I have, but it worn under a sweatshirt that's never taken off. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sweet. And you've definitely made progress since the last time I saw you wear that shirt. ;)

Keep rocking on!!!
-Lil Sister Rachel

pastgirl said...

You know, I've lost a bit over 50 lbs, am 41 (almost.5) and I generally love my body – it has some bumpy, saggy, and flabby bits but its also strong, and resilient – and the only one I have. Although I would in some ways have rather been a person who didn't struggle with her weight, I think this journey has taught me things about acceptance/humaness that I otherwise would not fully understand. I'm SO glad YOU understand them, too. Slow and steady really does win the race – if it even is one :) You make me proud.

tabatha said...

i am not traumatized in the least!! ;) you look great!!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome for showing the "after" stomach! Not bad! I have worried about the whole skin thing and I am glad you were able to explain it. Unfortunately Jessica, I have had three babies, one was a c-section, so I may really need to look at surgery someday, but until then, you are awesome. Do you realize how much you are helping by having your blog? YOU HELP ME A LOT! Take care and keep on getting healthy!!

Patty said...

Great job! You are an inspiration!