Friday, September 1, 2006

Only Slightly Disastrous

I was 144.50 this morning, which is 3.75 pounds more than 140.75 I was on August 1st. Then PMS puffed me up to 141.00. A few days later cravings and bloating increased my weight to 142.25. Right at the end of my period my Uncle died and I went straight into a few days of grief eating tipping the scales up to 144.25. If that wasn’t enough, our friends from San Francisco visited for a few days, and we went out for every meal. Thai Food for Lunch, then Sushi for supper. The next day we had Donuts for breakfast and lots of pizza for lunch… after all that I was 147.50(!!!), but it was very temporary. (Most of that weight was just from all the food still in me! ;)

I will be back to my usual 140-145 ish weight in a few days. I am still in “maintenance mode” until October. (As I “detoxify” from the aspartame.)


tabatha said...

you are amazing!! your weight loss is so inspirational!

LC in Sunny So Cal said...

I think one of the keys to your success is that you take the fluctuations of weight that we all must face in complete stride. Yes, we can get our panties in a wad about a time when the body reacts to all the variables and retains a couple of pounds, or we can take it as part of the journey, and stay on the "plan" toward health and vitality.

I'm glad that your challenges come and go, like the rest of ours.