Thursday, September 28, 2006

So far so good! I think...

These last few days have been so strange.

It feels weird not writing everything eat in my food journal. It feels abnormal not taking my weight after feeding the cats. But, I feel good and healthy! I get up and exercise as before, and I have been able to listen to the needs of my body better!

I asked Aaron what day of the week I should take my weight. He suggested I could try weighing myself daily, and then average the weights each week. That would help "smooth" out daily weight fluctuation... but then I am back to weighing myself daily again! I don't think that will work, so I'll take my chances just stepping on the scale on Saturdays. ;)

I'll let you know how Saturday goes!


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Jessica's Before and Now shot


taba said...

you look marvelous!!

Anonymous said...


-Lil Sister Rachel