Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday's Weigh-in = 145.50!!!

Looks like I am doing a good job of being healthy without constant monitoring! I gained some weight during the stressful user's group meeting, Last Sunday I was up to 149.50!!! UGM was nearly "Maui Bad" to my weight loss... but last years UGM was just a bad too... So I guess UGM is like a Four day extra Stressful Holiday! :) I should plan for it in the future. But anyway, I am finally getting back to "normal" again!!

I've been so lonely today. Aaron is away this weekend to a "3-Day Gaming/Bachelor Party." (He left Friday night at 5.) And this morning's Tai Chi class was canceled or something, because no one was there. :(

The only human interaction I had today was with Millie. She's a little old lady who lives down the hall and stops by about once a week to have me balance her checkbook. She likes to talk my ears off, but it's slightly annoying since she can't hear AT ALL so she yells all the time. And I have to shout into her ear and use lots of hand guestures in order to respond. It can be frustrating. She always gives me cookies too. Most time I take them, thank her then throw them away once we're apart. But today she had Animal Crackers!!! I love animal crackers! So I had them! ;)

I was recently contacted by This website features the stories of lots of sucessful dieters, and my story is now up too! It is fun to read how each person did it their way! Maybe someone there has advice that is "more your style." It's something cool to checkout!

I think I am going to go take a nap. :)



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tabatha said...

It's so inspiring to read your blog!!
and i know how you feel about human interaction. other than my 2.5 year old and my husband some weeks i don't see any other people and that just makes me want to go door to door lol! congrats on continuing to do good without constant monitoring!!
off to check out that website....