Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Like We Didn’t Already Know This?

There was a recent study that said obese people feel the same way about food as addicts do to drug.

Well, DUH!! They actually spent money to study this?! All they had to do was ask, but I guess they wanted it to be all “scientific.” ;)

I would totally describe some of my food cravings as “Jonesing.” Like no matter what I eat, the hunger doesn’t stop until I’ve had that one thing I’ve been craving. That’s why I’ve always said, just give in! No number of carrots will make your chocolate craving go away. Just get 3 Dove Promises and enjoy!! Take our time and slowly satisfy that craving. Most binges are the result of not giving in, and not giving in… then suddenly the dam breaks and you consume way too much!
Unlike smoking or drinking you can’t quit food “cold-turkey.” So an addictive behavior towards food is really hard to overcome! I still have days when the “dam breaks loose,” but I don’t let myself get swept away from my goal to be healthy. I always get right back on it! :)
Recently I was contacted by Carolyn Allen from MyWeightLossFriend. She is sending me a some of her motivational bracelets! I’m really excited about it! :) They are great motivators and so pretty!




Lynn / vigilant20 said...

That's what I keep telling people, but they look at me like I'm Although I find the 100 calorie packs of oreos are good subs for my sweet cravings ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when a friend at work sees you buy something chocolate and gives you a hard time; like you are a druggie and getting a fix? Like, why are you eating that; I thought you were on a diet. I used to be defensive about it (dumb); now I just say "I've earned it" and smile. I don't want to binge later and feel remorse.

Love your blog. : ) I'm also down to 144; started at 195. I have 14 more to go!!!