Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's not easy to be "Normal"

I keep catching myself doing "calorie math" in my head. . o O ( 120 for the whole grain wheat bread, plus 60 for the roasted chicken breast lunchmeat...)

I am trying really hard not to do that, but after 4 years of recording every single calorie I ate or drank... it's hard to suddenly stop doing it!

I've been trying to focus on how my body feels instead of “the numbers.” (Calories/Weight) Whenever my minds starts in on a numbers rant, I calmly remind myself, "Normal healthy people DO NOT obsess about every single calorie."

I've never been good at being "Normal" though... I've always been "the weird girl."

But on the bright-side, being this successful at weight loss isn't very normal either! :)




LC in Sunny So Cal said...

I've ALWAYS thought that "normal" was highly over-rated!

You rock, girl!

Anonymous said...

Eh, who needs normal :) (I do the same thing as you, so I'm biased).

BTW, I met goal (165) and would love you to checkout my before/after pics too. They are on my SparkPeople 'SparkPage' with my username keegandlily (I think you can see that without a registration with the following URL: I say I want you to see because I visited your blog and pics A LOT along the way and you were a big inspiration to me.

I'll still be checking in though, you 'rocketh my socketh'!