Friday, October 27, 2006

Waiting for Monday

I was 143.75 this morning, and I hope to be back under 140 by Thanksgiving. :)

I am feeling really good being back to my old routine. This feels normal to me! Not that "bogus version" of normal I tried... that ballooned me up 12 pounds! (ACK!)

I gave up on living a lie and went back to doing what works, and it feels so much better!!! (Mentally and Physically) Things just work better for me when I keep close tabs on myself.

I am looking forward to parties this weekend! Tonight is a surprise non-birthday party for one of my co-workers. Tomorrow she turns 30, so we are celebrating her last day in the twenties. I'm going to help decorate! It should be fun!

On Saturday I am going to dress up and go out with my sister! We plan to go to the Kroghville Oasis where they are doing a "Host a Murder" party! After that we will bar-hop and check out all the costumes.

I will most likely be in my wonder woman costume because:

a.) More townie bar folks will know who she is
b.) The bald cap is MURDER to get off... and I don't want to try to do it at 3AM!!!

I will be avoiding alcohol at all these events... the hard part is ditching the drinks others get me. I feel so guilty. I say. "No. I am not drinking." 2 minutes later, they hand me a drink!!! ARGH!! I still have lots of fun though. I like being the "responsible one" of the group. Making sure the devil doesn't forget her pitchfork in the bathroom, or remind the cop which hottie she left her handcuffs on. ;)

Aaron and I plan to play the board game RuneBound this weekend too! It's a great role playing like game. We'll be the heroes fighting the Dragons ravaging the land of Terinoth... or how ever it's spelled... anyway if you are a nerd, or used to play D&D but don't have 8 hours to waste (or 4 other people to play with) I highly recommend this game!!! It's really FUN!

Monday is the day that the Editors of People will decide if I'll make the cut for the "Half Their Size" issue. I'm trying to focus on the fun in the present, instead of worrying about outcomes in the future.

I hope you have a happy and safe Weekend!!


p.s. The Saturday closest to Halloween in Madison, WI always seems to ended in riots, tear gas, and property damage on State Street. I avoid that place like the plague. ;) Townie Bars here I COME!!!

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tabatha said...

your hair looks great!! congrats on getting back to normal.
ps- thanks for the link to the bracelet site, i ordered one last night!