Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not confirmed yet...

I might be in the "weight loss on any budget" section of People's "Half their Size" special issue. But nothing is confirmed yet.

The yoga DVD that started me being active 140 pounds ago is now only 53 cents on Amazon.com!!! My exercise bike in no longer available, but there is one like it by ProForm for about $200.00. I love my bike! At first I was like, why are we spending so much money on a bike! But the truth is, it's not that much at all. It has lasted over 3 years of consistent use. (Less than a dollar a day now) And I think it is much easier on those cold Wisconsin mornings to roll out of bed and on to a bike right in your home than to go out to your car, scrape off the windshield, drive to the place, and get on some piece of equipment still wet from someone else’s sweat... Ick No Thanks! Another reason I've never bought a gym membership...

My set of free weights were a birthday gift from my in-laws and I don't buy any special sorts of foods... so my weight loss has been very economical! :)

We are really on a budget since I am the only one working. (Aaron is a student at UW-Madison.) I think I fit that category really well! :) We'll just have to wait for what their Editors decide. :)

I am going to bike tonight!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'll be posting pictures soon! :)


Anonymous said...

What is your husband in school for?

~Longtime reader

Jess said...

Aaron is trying to get into UW-Madison's Grad Program for Computer Science. (I believe his emphasis will be on compliers...)

Right now he is a "Special Student" taking pre-reqs for all Computer Science classes.

He is SOOOO Smart!! He got 100% on his Calculus 3 mid-term!!! And he also graduated "Magna Cum Laude" with his first degrees. A Bachelors of Arts in Music (He plays the Violin.) with a Minor in History.

If the University does not accept his application this Fall, He plans to Double Major in Computer Science and Math for Bachelors of Science. (Instead of a Masters in Computer Science.)