Thursday, November 16, 2006

A day in the life.

Today I ate 1720 calories.

Oil - 50
Egg - 70
Cheese Single - 50
1 cup Chocolate Soy Milk - 150
1/4 c. Mixed Nuts - 200
Chicken Wrap with Blue Cheese Dressing - 260
1 Medium Granny Smith Apple - 80
3 Milk Chocolate Dove Promises - 135
1 French Vanilla Creamer - 45
6 Frosted Aminal Crackers - 140
1/2 c. Rice - 150
Chicken - 90
Mixed Veggies with Sauce - 180
Pinwheel Cookie - 120
Total Calories 1720

Now I will be hoping on the Bike to watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) DVDs!!! If you were really into MST3K, you should check out riff-trax!




Heather said...

What an awesome day :) Calories in range and exercise too. Although I'm trying to maintain now, I still love 'good' days as much now as I did while losing. Keep up the awesome work, and keep inspiring us!

Bea said...

hello. i don't know you from Eve, but i have been reading your blog for an hour now and i'm fascinated by the transformation you've undergone, physically and mentally.

i am a very heavy, very unhappy girl and i am also very shy and wouldn't normally ask a perfect stranger something like this, but, would you mind terribly talking to me sometime about how you did it?

how did you get and stay motivated in those first few days and weeks? how did you fight the hunger that i've always personally experienced when cutting back on calories? what kind of exercise did you do in the beginning? how does the time pass when you've got so much to lose---did you ever feel like you'd never accomplish it? and, if so, how did you cope with that?

i live in California and you can call me Bea. my email address is and i use the same address for chatting through the Google Chat IM program.

i understand if you don't have the time or interest in talking to me, personally and won't be offended. i just figured it was worth a shot. i admire your achievement and wish it for myself but just don't know who to turn to for guidance and experienced advice or how to even begin.

at any rate, what you've done is impressive and wonderful and i wish you the best. :)