Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Too White and Nerdy

I took an online quiz today and it confirmed what I already knew to be true.
I'm just Too White and Nerdy.

Modern, Cool Nerd
82 % Nerd, 73% Geek, 26% Dork


I ate 1820 calories today, and I am recovering nicely from my monthly biological weight loss sabotage.

I also got up early and did yoga today! I was able to do all the poses on my yoga DVD without the blocks!!! I am sure I will feel it tomorrow. That "good" hurt that lets you know you did a good job and are building brand new, fat burning muscles!

This Yoga DVD is the DVD that helped me become active. I still get a nice workout from it 4 years later! Why does it still work after all these years? That's because it has different 4 instructors! Each demonstrates a level of yoga proficiency - Fully Modified Yoga, 1/2 modified, 1/4 modified, and Full Yoga. You just follow the instructor that fits your level. As you progress you switch to another one! :) It's great! :)

In the beginning, I couldn't even REACH the yoga blocks!! I had to use folding chairs to do an even more modified than fully modified yoga. Soon I became more flexible, and my weight continued to drop!

I'm going to head to bed!



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