Monday, November 13, 2006

Trick of the “Lite”

Argh! I fell for the old "Trick of the Lite.”

That’s when you end up eating lots of “fake” treats, trying to satisfy your cravings with “healthy alternatives.” But you just end up eating way more calories of lite junk trying to satisfy your craving than you would have just having a small portion of what you really wanted in the first place!


Real treats are so much more satisfying to me, even if they are in tiny doses. My body can really tell when it gets the "good stuff." (Which most people trying losing weight call the "bad stuff.") Sheesh!!! I even say "Eat Real Treats" twice in My Weight Loss Tips Section!!!

4. Try to Limit Sweets.

Please note, I did not say cut them out! Natural Sugar is the safest sweet, and it is a beautiful simple carbohydrate for your body to create energy from! Don't get sugar-free or "lite" treats. (Unless you are diabetic...) A TREAT should be a REAL treat!


28. Go for Quality Over Quantity.

Honestly, who wants one cup of "LITE" frozen lime sherbet for 100 calories, when you can have ½ a cup of Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream for 300? Yeah, it is half the amount, and three times the calories... but it's a MILLION times the pleasure!! Remember - some calories are just worth it!
  • Note: This tip assumes you would prefer the chocolate ice cream over lime sherbet. If you prefer the lime sherbet, more power to you! :)
Aaron was the one who dragged me back to my senses. He basically said, "Jess, you need REAL treats. You would not be eating so much "fake stuff" if you just had some of the real thing!" He then took me to the store where we bought individually wrapped chocolates for REAL treats that won't break the calorie bank! (65 Calories each for Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares. *drools*)

I love Aaron so much. ;) He is so smart! :) Life is better with Chocolate. :) REAL Chocolate!

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