Sunday, November 5, 2006

Just My Luck...

October is Breast Cancer awearness month so to promote cancer awearness and raise money I agreed to shave my head for this great cause.

Everyone at work was like:

"WOW! You have NO HAIR!"
"You look so COOL!"
"I'm so jealous; I could never get away with that!!"

I also received lots of comments at a Friend's Wedding yesterday:

"I can't believe how feminine you look even without hair!"
"You look so confident!"

I think I look pretty cute too! And Aaron LOVES it.

We were visiting friends last night and Aaron was kissing and "petting" my head. We were then teased that Aaron likes it so much will make me keep my hair buzzed off! ;)

Here's what I look like:
Bald Jess

So of course Friday (4 days after buzzing off my hair) I get the e-mail from People that they want to go ahead with my story! (D'oh!) I said that's wonderful... but I'm bald...

They were totally understanding, and said that they'd "keep me on file" for next time. Awesome! I will be even more more toned and healthy by then..and NOT bald! ;)




Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica!!! You look great! I have always wanted to shave all my hair off just like that, I think it would feel so liberating and damn sexy! Just like GI Jane! Your husband is right, you do look feminie even without hair! I am so envious of you! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween :) Greetings from Holland, Amanda

tabatha said...

first off, you look super sexy with no hair!! :) i also wish i had the cajones to do that!
secondly...the fact that you are bald kept them from putting you in the issue? i am not bald but i take offense!!

Anonymous said...

I think you look FABULOUS!

It would have been cool to see you bald in the magazine. Sometimes in those "after" shots the media strives to have the woman to look like Barbie. You know - like the before shot - dark hair and no makeup and the after shot: platinum blonde, etc.

You have the great body, now - I like the idea of bashing the stereotype. Fit and bald is great! Kudos to you :)

Anonymous said...

Demi Moore did wonders for the sex appeal of a shaved head. Jess where are the pictures of your cute sister and her hot husband at halloween? See you Friday. Thanks for reminding me where my handcuffs were on Halloween. Can I have them back now?

Anonymous said...

My goodness! Aren't you something! And you do look fabulous!

It reminds my of my dd, when she was four, my kids (and some neigborhood kids) found a sticky mouse trap and smeared tons of the mouse trap glue in my dd's hair. I didn't know how to get it out, so we shaved her head. She is a cute little pixie like thing and she looked so cute with her bald head!!

Even if (ok, when) I lose 50 lbs, I'll never have the facial structure or sexy neck to pull off such a thing, lol.

More power to you!!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have/could have still went ahead with the magazine. It worked for Susan Powter!

cindie nunez said...

Im not quite sure what it is but when I saw your bald picture I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie????? Anyway... I love it and you look great bald.