Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Defying the experts, by just a tiny bit.

I wanted to "defy the experts" by losing weight over the Holidays. Well, I did it, but just barely. I've lost a quarter pound since Thanksgiving. I worked SO HARD for that quarter pound too!!! ;)

Just when I started making progress, a party or my period would hit the reset button. Why is it so EASY to gain fat and so hard to lose it!?! ARGH!

Okay, that wasn't just a whiny rhetorical question, I actually know why! :)

That's just how our bodies are built! Fat is the energy our bodies store in case of famine. Our bodies create fat whenever we have access to an ample amount of calories. All excess calories are then converted to fat for later use.

Thing is.. we don't really encounter famine, and getting our butts to move to burn off the extra "stored energy" is really hard to do! Speaking of which, my butt needs to get on the exercise bike and sweat away another cookie or two! ;)

I better get to it!




lina5092 said...

what was your size in pants and shirts before your weigh loss journey and what is your sizes now?

Jess said...

I wore 24/26 pants and 26/28 shirts (3 XL).

I now wear 8/10 pants, and small tops.

I even have one t-shirt from the Chirldren's Dept. I can get a Hello Kitty t-shirt, or some Care Bear ware the 18/XL for young girls.